Core Supports

Capacity Building

Community Engagement

School Leavers Employment Supports

Project My Turn

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Core Supports

    • Support to complete daily tasks and routines
    • Support with scheduling life’s activities
    • Support to engage with your community


Designed to help you achieve those every day, regular tasks that get you ready for the world each day and get things done. We have a growing team of Support Workers with varied skills and interests to support you with these tasks.

In the spirit of person-centred supports, our team will generally work with you to complete a task, rather than for you, so that you are involved and in control of as much as you can be.

We understand there may be times that you experience overwhelm or exhaustion however, and its in time like these that our staff are there to bridge the gaps and ensure you remain connected to all tasks and decisions being made in your daily life.

Some of the tasks we currently support people with under this funding category are morning and evening routines, domestic activities, attending community groups or events and keeping life generally organised.

Capacity Building


  • Work with mentors to achieve your goals
  • Work with our Participant Support Officer to create goals and unpack life’s potential
  • Receive referrals and support to engage with therapists

Designed to assist you in learning new skills or developing existing ones, in line with your personal goals to achieve the best life experiences and outcome you can. 

Whilst our Support Workers often work in a very similar way, this is an area that a mentor role can add focus around engaging therapeutic strategies to achieve your skills development goals.

Our team are guided and supported by your therapists and the support plans they provide you, to ensure that their engagement with you is tailored to suit your specialised support needs. 

We work in collaboration with many external service providers including Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and Behaviour Support Practitioners to encourage wholistic supports that integrate therapeutic strategies into life as seamlessly as possible.

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Community Engagement

  • Help improve our local community attitudes through presence and representation
  • Experience supported volunteer opportunities at community events
  • Help us stay in touch with what matters to you, through valuable conversation and inclusion

This is an area that is broader than disability and NDIS supports. While we do pride ourselves in the group activities we offer during school holiday periods, we are beginning to reach deeper into the community with the aim of encouraging a more continuous opportunity for social engagement.

Projects such as a community garden are on the way, with the intention of also encouraging supported community picnics and social outings throughout the year. We are also beginning to develop networks with some of the local businesses to encourage integrated experiences and connections that will support the young people we work with as they grow into the workforce. 

In order to maintain our connections with the community, we invite you all to offer up your skills, talents and interests to get involved and help us demonstrate to others how incredible and resourceful our contribution to community can be.

School Leaver Employment Supports


  • Tailored support to meet your goals
  • Available to NDIS participants aged 15 years and 9 months to 22 years

Legacy Lifestyle Supports is a registered NDIS provider for SLES.

We provide a tailored support that include career guidance, counselling and capacity building services, helping our participants to build job skills, confidence and independence.

We work with schools, parents and the local community to support the pathway from school to employment.

SLES is available to NDIS participants from the age of 15 years and 9 months to 22 years.

Available supports and skills building activities include:

  • money handling skills
  • time management skills
  • communication skills
  • discovery activities
  • work experience
  • job ready skillst
  • travel skills
  • personal development skills

Contact us for more information.

Project My Turn

Each group of participants create their own program with us!

With dozens of mini workshops to choose from, no two programs will be the same.

Some of the mini workshops offered

  • Cooking & Fire Safety
  • Self-advocacy
  • Social Awareness
  • Online Safety
  • Understanding your money
  • Community involvement
  • Work readiness skills

You choose 1 or 2 days per week

Available Mondays & Wednesdays, 9:30am – 2:00pm

Referrals and Connections

Working with families, we often recognise that someone in the home needs a kind of support we simply do not offer. In order to maintain the family unit we encourage connection and collaboration with external services that provide supports where we cannot.

Our team have access to a local directory of support services that include medical practitioners, allied health professionals, support groups, community centres, domestic violence assistance, mental health services, legal aid and advocacy services.

If you would like support reaching out to any external service or require assistance to unpack your current circumstances, enquire about making a time to meet with our Participant Support Officer.